Nuthin' but a "G" Thang

gHYPE is an illiquid, escrowed governance token, corresponding to staked HYPE. It can be earned through direct HYPE conversion.

  • Name: HYPE Governance Token

  • Ticker: gHYPE

The primary use case of gHYPE is to allocate Blast Point, Blast Gold and Yield from Blast to the HYPE community. This involves staking gHYPE and assigning the deposited amount to receive juicy rewards.

By default, gHYPE is non-transferable, except between whitelisted addresses. This restriction is in place to ensure that crucial interactions, such as allocations and redeeming with the token contract, can still occur. Additionally, it allows for other specific uses, such as partnerships with particular implementations, to be facilitated.

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