Conversion & Redeeming

HYPE and gHYPE are mutually convertible into each other, albeit through distinct procedures.

Converting HYPE to gHYPE is a swift and immediate process, maintaining a 1:1 ratio. On the other hand, converting gHYPE back to HYPE involves a user-selected vesting period. The conversion ratio escalates in accordance with the duration of this vesting period:

  • Opting for a minimum vesting period of 7 days yields a 1:0.5 ratio.

  • Selecting a maximum vesting period of 90 days provides a 1:1 ratio.

Should the chosen vesting period be shorter than the maximum (resulting in a ratio < 1:1), any unclaimed excess HYPE is burned.

Users have the autonomy to halt the redeeming process of gHYPE at any point in time.

If a user cancels a redeeming process before its completion, the entire process will be voided. The user will retrieve their entire amount of redeeming gHYPE, and no HYPE.

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