Yield & Point Earning

It's all YOURS!

Most of the earnings within the Ecosystem are allocated to users who have staked gHYPE. This distribution of rewards is carried out in the form of ETH, LP tokens with Blast Point and Blast Gold, and it occurs continuously, calculated on a per-second basis, within 7-day epochs.

During each epoch, the distribution of rewards is evenly spread out over its duration. These rewards are then allocated on a per-second basis to every user with a gHYPE staking allocation, proportionate to their share of the total allocation.

To put it simply, let's consider these values:

  • There are 10,000 gHYPE tokens staked in total.

  • Every day, there's a distribution of 1000 Blast Points, 0.001 ETH, and 10,000 LP tokens.

Now, if a user has staked 200 gHYPE tokens, they own 2% of the total staked tokens. This means they'll receive 2% of the daily rewards:

  • 20 Blast Points

  • 0.00002 ETH

  • 200 LP tokens

Rewards are distributed continuously, so users can collect them at any time without having to wait for the end of the epoch.

A default 0.5% fee will be applied when unstaking gHYPE and burned.

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