📊┃HYPE Economics

The power lies with the holders

HYPE pioneers decentralized liquidity on Blast with a unique rewards system, putting liquidity providers directly in control of the community. Here's what sets us apart:

  • All taxes and liquidity redistributed to HYPE holders.

  • Engage in LP staking (yield farming) for additional rewards.

  • gHYPE staking earns you ETH & HYPE LP with Blast Point & Blast Gold.

Liquidity Lock

The HYPE team will distribute the majority of the initial LP from the HYPE LP pool creation directly to holders.

There is no centralized liquidity lock because the LP is owned by the community.

As a HYPE holder, you'll earn LP from swap taxes, which can be claimed based on your total holdings of staked or unstaked HYPE tokens.

Importantly, the HYPE developer team cannot execute a liquidity rugpull since they don't control the liquidity pool — the power lies with the holders.

Revenue Sharing

  • Revenue generated from swap taxes and our products is distributed in ETH and Liquidity Tokens.

  • We prioritize a sustainable treasury approach to ensure long-term viability, with opportunities for bonus rewards during periods of high revenue.

  • Our incentive structure is designed to encourage price action and stability by allowing manipulation of decentralized liquidity pools.

  • HYPE DAO offers governance incentives for launching new products, promoting community involvement and innovation.

Holder Benefits

HYPE brings exclusive advantages to its holders, confers fractional ownership of the liquidity pool. Moreover, it unlocks extraordinary opportunities for generating yield, driven by our state-of-the-art tokenomics and pioneering mechanisms.

  • Direct Ownership in the First-Ever Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem on Blast.

  • Earn LP tokens and gain ownership in HYPE's decentralized liquidity pool.

  • Earn ETH through HYPE token and LP token staking.

  • Receive LP tokens and ETH earnings from an expanding pool of liquidity as projects join the Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem (DLE).

  • Access the HYPE DAO for guidance on utilizing the HYPE Treasury and exclusive insights from our network of crypto projects.

  • Access liquidity backed by HYPE tokens and decentralized liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens).

  • Enjoy priority access to innovative project launches through the HYPE DAO.

By holding HYPE, you're at the forefront of a genuine decentralization movement, where remarkable prospects await at your fingertips.

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