🧮┃HYPE Tokenomics

Just HODL and HYPE

HYPE is the platform's utility and governance token. Just simply by holding HYPE, you will automatically earn rewards in HYPE-ETH and unlock a variety of benefits.

HYPE & HYPE-ETH staking/locking incentives are paid in ETH.

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 HYPE

  • Liquidity: 85,000,000 HYPE

  • Hyperbolt Allocation: 5,000,000 HYPE

  • Ecosystem: 10,000,000 HYPE

Developer wallets and liquidity pool are ineligible for Liquidity Rewards.


  • Buy Tax: 5%

  • Sell Tax: 5 %

  • Tax Distribution:

    • 2.5% as LP rewards

    • 2.5% as ETH Rewards & Development

In every transaction, 2.5% is allocated for LP staking and development. There's no set amount for the development portion; instead, it's used to maintain the APR for gHYPE staking ETH rewards. These funds are managed through the Deployer Wallet.


The HYPE LP Tracer acts as a secondary asset, tracking LP token earnings from distributions. It's non-transferrable and exclusively facilitates LP claims for HYPE holders.

This asset is generated upon receiving HYPE tokens and is extinguished upon transfer to a new wallet. Notably, HYPE holders don't need to interact directly with the LP Tracer.

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