⚡️┃Hyperbolt Collection

Need more HYPE, sir!

Witness the fusion of art and gratitude in Blast's Hyperbolt NFT collection, where loyalty meets innovation and rewards await our cherished supporters.

Every minting effort grants a 0.2% chance of receiving a HyperGold NFT, whose rewards remain under the veil.

All proceeds from the minting of Hyperbolt NFTs contribute to the growth of our ecosystem through the Hyperbolt Treasury.

  • 70% of these funds are dedicated to purchasing $HYPE tokens on the Mainnet and staking them to earn ETH. These rewards are then distributed among all Hyperbolt NFT holders, providing lucrative benefits to our community.

  • 15% of the minting funds are allocated to marketing efforts (acquire new members and make more trading volume)

  • 15% covers operating expenses. This ensures the continued development and promotion of HYPE ecosystem.

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