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DecentraHYPE - The only way to Decentralized Liquidity


HYPE introduces an exciting new chapter in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency by introducing a Decentralized Liquidity Mechanism (DLM) that changes how liquidity is handled. This simplified overview highlights HYPE's vision to transform liquidity management within the crypto space.

HYPE Liquidity Ecosystem

Decentralized Liquidity

HYPE introduces a groundbreaking protocol that puts liquidity control directly into the hands of investors. Say goodbye to rug pulls and hello to community empowerment and collective ownership. HYPE is leading the way in making true collective ownership a reality in the crypto world.

Advanced Liquidity Management

Move beyond traditional liquidity management with HYPE's versatile suite of tools. Our products offer a range of benefits including collateralization, and access to development services.

HYPE Protocol Components

  • HYPE Token: This is your ticket to ownership within the HYPE ecosystem, granting you access to Decentralized HYPE Liquidity Pool tokens (HYPE LP token), and participation in the HYPE DAO.

  • gHYPE: An equivalent representation of your HYPE token holdings, designed to distribute ETH rewards to both HYPE token and HYPE LP token stakers, providing access to the HYPE DAO for governance and decision-making.

  • HYPE DAO: Join forces with other HYPE owners in this collective, where you'll have a stake in the continuous growth and expansion of our Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem.

  • Hyperbolt NFT: Our specially crafted NFTs on Blast to honor our loyal supporters. Each NFT holder not only enjoys exclusive ownership but also earns a share of the total supply.

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